About K.A. Perry

K. A. Perry brings a unique perspective to her environmental thrillers. Her ability to utilize nature as the catalyst to keep her plot moving, and drive the character's pursuit of the truth, stems from her own appreciation and love of nature. Time spent in nature is restorative for many folks, and this tenet is an underlying theme of K.A. Perry's writing.  

Although K.A. Perry grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, she now lives in Connecticut with her husband and 4 children. Her years spent practicing environmental law combined with her time spent as a math teacher have melded to create stories that at their core raise real legal issues, but on the surface are an engaging, lighthearted read.

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Not Sure How to Order?

The Green Beach File is published  by  Permuted  Press  and  is distributed by Simon & Schuster.    It  is  available for purchase from multiple sites.  Click on the link below  to order.